Coding Club

Time: Every Saturday from 11am untill 2pm as three one hour slots (11-12, 12-1 & 1-2)

Location: Oxfordshire County Library, Queen Street, Westgate, Oxford, OX1 1DJ in the "makerspace" on the first floor (up the stairs and on the left)

Cost: £10/hour (can be paid in advance or on the day, ether by bank transfer, card payment, or cash)

Booking is not required, but preferable if you would like to guarantee a space, and reduce the admin on the day (e.g. details etc) please email to book with details of the child(Name, DOB, relevant medical and SEN information), details of at least one parent/carer (name, relationship to child, contact number, address) for the first booking, and then what day and time you would like to book

Parents are not required to stay during the session, but you are very welcome to if you wish

Bank Details
Account Type: Business
Account Holder: Emdevel Ltd
Account Number: 54324144
Sort Code: 60-83-71